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Reviews for: roadbag® Trial pack

roadbag® Trial pack
Date: Saturday 04 July, 2015
Author: Nicolás d.

I have Diabetes. I recommend this product, which as a "joke" gift came to me, and found it PRIMORDIAL IN MY CAR's GLOVE COMPARTMENT AND MY "MAN PURSE" along my insulin and diabetes medication. I dare not drive my car without them, since due to traffic, the URGE those diabetics know so well, never lets you rest: is cheaper than having to pay to "remove" your cars seat to have it properly cleaned... I was offended with the gift in the begining, now, I BUY THE LARGEST PACK and consider myself "prepared" to relief the urinary urges provoked by diabetes, any time and anywhere. Thanks to this product, I feel better while traveling and commuting.

Nicolás de León
Somewhere in a Road in Europe

Evaluation: 5 of 5 Stars!


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